$135.00 USD

Add a 20-Minute Oracle Card Reading to Your Order!

Unlock personalized insights and spiritual guidance with a 20-minute oracle card reading. This session is perfect for those seeking clarity on specific issues or general life direction. Connect with your higher self and receive tailored advice that empowers you to move forward confidently.

What's Included:

  • Personalized insights tailored to your unique energy and questions
  • Connection with spiritual guides for profound messages
  • Holistic guidance encompassing mind, body, and spirit
  • Actionable steps to help you on your journey

Enhance your order with a 30-minute oracle card reading and gain the clarity and wisdom you need. Add this transformative experience to your cart today!

1:1 Distance Reiki Healing Session

45 Minute Energy Healing Session

  • 10 minutes onboarding
  • 20 minutes reiki 
  • 15 minutes cleansing/offboarding


Experience the gentle yet profound healing energy of Reiki. This technique balances your energy, reduce stress, and promote overall wellness. Each session is personalized to address your specific needs, helping you achieve a state of deep relaxation and healing. 

Meet Ashley, a compassionate Reiki Master and 3/5 projector. Drawing on her unique ability to sense energy, Ashley excels in recognizing and emphasizing the positive aspects within you. Together, we strategically deconstruct the concepts that have kept you stagnant for far too long. Ashley provides unwavering support and divine guidance, fostering an open-minded approach to breaking free from habits that may have kept you in a perpetual cycle.

With a background in nursing, Ashley is a staunch advocate for holistic options that have been stigmatized for too long. Her passion extends to cannabis medicine, offering a unique opportunity for support within a community that may lack understanding. We focus on the endocannabinoid system to help you achieve balance and joy in your life.