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It is our mission is to guide you to wellness through the ancient wisdom of plant medicine and modern integrative practices. Whether you're seeking personal growth, professional development, or a supportive community, we offer tailored services to meet your unique needs.


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Cannabis Nursing Solutions provides awareness of the evolution of healthcare through books and speaking engagements; while providing healthcare providers with the support they need through training, coaching, networking and various opportunities to achieve their personal and entrepreneurial goals!

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Founder of "Cannabis Nursing Solutions" and "Let's Reignite" a Master Reiki Practitioner and Projector in Human Design, with over 16 years of nursing experience, including performance improvement for a 14-hospital system. She is a passionate cannabis advocate and educator with over five years as a cannabis nurse, author of "Asa's Medicine" and "Stigmatized," and winner of the Baltimore Business Journal's Healthcare Award in 2021. Featured in High Times, she empowers personal and professional growth through holistic healing, spirituality, and transformation. Join us to explore the healing potential of cannabis, enhance your spiritual practice, and connect with a community of like-minded healers.💡🌿

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From a registered nurse, to a trailblazer for non-traditional cannabis patient care programs, Ashley Wynn-Grimes has seen it all and understands what it's like to want more for your future. The best part is, she's got the tools to get you there. 

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🚀 The Best Method of Cannabis Consumption: A Journey to Finding Your Perfect Fit 🌟

Discover the best cannabis consumption method for anxiety, insomnia, and pain with our free eJournal, "Finding Your Perfect Fit." Explore the benefits of smoking, edibles, and transdermals, and use our journal prompts to reflect on your preferences; then schedule a call with us for personalized guidance. 💡🌿

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