About the Founder

Welcome to Let's Reignite (Formerly Cannabis Nursing Solutions), where transformation, spirituality, and holistic healing come together. Meet our founder, a visionary in the world of integrative medicine and a passionate advocate for cannabis education and holistic wellness.

Meet Our Founder

Ashley Wynn-Grimes

  • Human Design: 3/5 Projector
  • Master Reiki Practitioner
  • Cannabis Advocate
  • Cannabis Nurse with Over 5 Years of Experience
  • Author of "Asa's Medicine" and "Stigmatized"
  • Featured in High Times
  • Baltimore Business Journal's Healthcare Award Winner (2021)
  • 16 Years of Nursing Experience, including Performance Improvement for a 14-Hospital System

A Visionary Leader in Holistic Healing

Our founder's journey is one of dedication and passion. With a profound belief in the power of plant medicine, she has spent over five years as a cannabis nurse, advocating for and educating on the therapeutic benefits of cannabis. Her expertise is not only rooted in her professional experience but also in her deep spiritual practice as a Master Reiki Practitioner.

Accomplished Author and Advocate

Through her books, "Asa's Medicine" and "Stigmatized," our founder shares her knowledge and experiences, aiming to break down the barriers and stigma surrounding cannabis use. Her work has been recognized by leading publications like High Times, and she continues to be a prominent voice in the field of holistic health.

Award-Winning Professional

In 2021, our founder's contributions to healthcare were honored with the Baltimore Business Journal's Healthcare Award. This accolade reflects her commitment to improving healthcare systems and patient outcomes through innovative approaches and integrative practices.

Empowering Personal and Professional Growth

With a passion for empowering individuals both personally and professionally, our founder is dedicated to fostering growth, development, and abundance in all aspects of life. Her holistic approach combines spiritual principles with practical strategies to help others achieve their full potential.

Join the Journey

At Let's Reignite, we are guided by our founder's vision and expertise. Whether you're looking to explore the healing potential of cannabis, enhance your spiritual practice, or join a community of like-minded healers, we are here to support you on your journey.

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